The idea of starting Catbikinis began with Peter Frankl’s designs and the first attempts made by Vasilia Monk, both Barcelona dwellers, and lovers of the local beaches, the city itself, it’s capacity for innovation and the dynamism of its inhabitants. Neither of the two have a background in fashion or dressmaking, but they know how to interpret the nuances of eroticism, sensuality, of the aesthetic created by the female body’s interaction with nature ... and the curious glances of others.

Starting from an artisanal concept of sexy swimwear, they put themselves in the customer’s shoes. How do I want this garment? What type of bikini would I like? These questions cannot always be answered with a bikini that has been mass produced within a strict pattern.  Peter and Vasilia are not interested in buying huge amounts of lycra and turning on the sewing machine to produce bikinis on a large scale, they do not want to follow that path.

... How do I want to wear my bikini? Will I wear it low-waisted around my hips or find another style that I prefer or that suits me better? What if I want to take it off when I sunbathe ... or simply unfasten it when I’m in the swimming pool or the sea? Or even: What do I want to cover up? Should I cover up what I’m expected to or simply what I want to cover?

Where is the limit? In reality it is a subtle line: a small piece of fabric, no matter how small it is, produces a very different image than that of total nudity, just like a piercing or a tattoo. It is something that can conjure up images, sensations, nuances ... which are interesting and pleasant to explore.

Peter and Vasilia began to experiment with improvised patterns. Without any patterns, they cut up bikinis that they pick up here and there, and combine certain parts. They sew other parts that are especially designed to cover a certain space, to enhance a certain zone. They add straps and all kinds of accessories. They have, in essence, applied the patchwork aesthetic to bikinis. 

All done in the spirit of fun, a challenge, and of course, pure enjoyment, with the aim of fostering something beautiful, the attraction between human beings... and the beauty of the female body, never valued highly enough.