In order to best highlight your purchase we advise that you depilate in accordance with the design of the individual model.

Anyone who suffers from allergies to materials like nylon or other fibres, metals, latex etc., should bear this predisposition in mind before purchasing and/or using a garment in order to avoid adverse reactions or inconveniences. Special care should be exercised with garments that include metal elements when exposed to the sun for a long duration or if used in saunas, as they can heat up excessively and cause irritation or even damage to the skin. The description of each garment specifies whether it includes ornamentation or accessories, and what materials they are made from.

Given the small size of our designs, we advise our customers to be aware of the legal provisions on the use of swimwear and/or the practice of nudism in public spaces in the country they intend to enjoy the garment. The same goes for any potential limitations imposed in private spaces.