After use, avoid letting the garment remain damp, folded or wrinkled for a long time, especially if it has been in contact with seawater. If it is not possible to wash the garment straight after bathing, rinse it provisionally in abundant fresh water, and air it out immediately, especially if the garment contains wooden or metal parts.

The garment should be hand washed separately with PH neutral soap and lukewarm water; let it dry in the shade and away from sources of heat. It is completely counterproductive to use bleach, tumble dryers, bleach or dry cleaning methods. Unless it is completely dry, do not store the garment inside drawers, wardrobes, suitcases or similar, to avoid its deterioration.

Contact with tanning products, or other chemical or pharmaceutical products can damage the garment, as can scraping against rough materials, course surfaces or frequent use in chlorinated water.

Metal parts tend to lose their shine with time, but buffing with a cotton cloth will help them to regain their original appearance, unless the part was originally matt or had a non-shiny finish. Please bear in mind that some materials have irregular tones or have faded appearance in themselves.