The garments sold under the brand Catbikinis are artisanal designed, bikini-style bottoms and similar articles, with hand-sewn finishes.

Our primary material is new, unused bikinis, from various producers, which we buy in various parts of the world in order to obtain a varied selection of fabrics (colours, patters, qualities): using parts selected from these bottoms we make a new garment whose design, form and appearance has nothing to do with those that have been involved in its production. The material used may come from the our customs area (European Economic Area) or external locations, in which case it can be presumed that it entered the area with the adequate controls and fulfills all conditions required for its importation.

The creative and artisanal production process combines the seams of the original garment with other hand-sewn seams which characterise the originality of the original. The hand sewing is often less fine and regular than the pre-existing machine sewing, this does not constitute a defect but a unique aspect of its production.

In essence, we use the patchwork philosophy in order to make something new, different from mass-produced garments in various ways: very different colours and fabrics can be combined in the same garment, embellishments can be added that are not always seen in bikinis, and new, imaginative uses are can be found for fasteners, hooks, rings, ribbons ... that often allow the garment to be used in more versatile and varied ways.

Thus, the garment is at the same time an original product, made with new materials, and a handmade craft, very different to a mass-produced garment.

Our garments are often ornaments for a woman’s body: they attract looks and provide fun-filled moments. They can be worn in tanning beds, private parties, beaches, swimming pools, saunas, campsites . . . depending on the preferences and objectives of the user, the nature of the place and the permitted or habitual activities in each place.

In some designs the intimate zones are more or less visible; what is more, no models cover the buttocks; some designs don’t have a designated front and back, allowing the user to decide how to wear them, according to their levels of disinhibition or how the item works with their particular body shape.

The composition of the fabric is as follows (proportions may vary from one design to another): between 82% and 92% of polyamide and the rest of elastane. To this is added cotton or synthetic thread, or where applicable, ornaments or fasteners of varying sizes, materials and colours: wood, plastic, metal, glass, shell, rubber . . .

As well as their own unique items, Catbikinins may at times sell swimwear and accessories from other brands, in which case they will be differentiated on the website.