Peter and Vasilia are available to work directly with any client to provide them with their custom-made bikini bottoms, within their area of expertise: sexy, small garments that will only cover the front (we rarely make bikini tops or garments for males).

If you are interested in a custom-made garment, fill in this Form.

We deal with these requests as follows: the customer transfers €18 via Paypal in order to process the request, we make up three different designs in accordance with your tastes, and we then send you the photos and the pricing information for each item.

From there:

- You can keep one of more of the garments we have proposed for you; you pay for them and then we send them to you. Your bank account will be debited for the total amount, including VAT and postage fees.

- If you don’t want to keep any of them. The design process is commitment free; the designs will be incorporated into our new catalogue. In this case the €18 will not be reimbursed.


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