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In accordance with the Organic Law (Spain) 15/1995, of the 13th of December, the user’s rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation are recognised in relation to their personal data.  The vendor is held responsible for the automated database; any communications regarding its maintenance and functioning should be directed to the vendor. The vendor is responsible for any problems caused by third parties who have violated the security measured of the website, the server, or other associated elements, through the introduction of computer viruses or interferences of any nature that can be classified as illegal, bearing in mind that the infallibility of the protective measures adopted can be achieved up to a certain point but not absolutely or permanently, though the vendor has taken every precaution available within reason.

The vendor cannot guarantee the availability of its website nor the information and services of the same, given that the website can be affected by data networks, servers or reasons of force majeure.

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